The Comeback Kid EA

The Comeback Kid Manger EA

The Comeback Kid Manger EA is half EA and half trade manager. It’s able to keep the trader profitable on complete  auto-pilot. You can also use the onscreen buttons to intervene with the EA to achieve a creative manual/algo collaboration. It’s also capable of recovering losing trades by managing them into a small profit or break even. The user has a lot of control on how and when they would like to increase profit on good trades and recovery bad or losing trades. 
We’ve been trading the forex market for over 16 years and realize just how random it can actually be. Knowing this, we’ve developed what we think are some of the best money management techniques to get you profiting long-term in trading.

The Comeback Kid manager EA is capable of running on complete auto-pilot. No need to use the trade buttons. Still, the EA was meant to be intervened with as we think it’s the absolute best way to trade.

The auto-trading function already gives the trader and edge. Intervening can give a further edge on top of that. So we should be working with a double trading edge which is hard to find.

We’re combing a good auto-trade EA with excellent manual trading features. This in turn should be more powerful than anything RFT has ever created!


The better the trader, the more profit and less drawdown he/she will have using The Comeback Kid. The less bad trades you make, the less the EA needs to work to recover the trades that run against you. 

Our default settings take really low risk on each position to insure lower DD on recovery cycles. We use trailing stops to give our single trades as much profit as possible. We like to use The Comeback Kid EA on 5-10 pairs to bring our estimated profit to 5-10% a month. We also use it on GOLD and other assets ourselves as well. 


Up Close With The Comeback Kid EA

Part Robot, Part Trade Manger

The Comeback Kid EA is able to compliment any style of trading using its built-in trading system & risk management

Can Trade ANY Pair or Asset

It's strength is trading low risk on many different assets or pairs

Built-in Trade Recovery

Has the ability to recovery bad/losing trades with an intelligent averaging-in system that works in collaboration with S/R

Only requires 5-10 minutes a Day

If you can dedicate as little as 5-10 minutes a day, you can become a long-term profitable trader!

Run-down of The Comeback Kid EA

The Comeback Kid EA was created as an “all the trader needs” trading package! It was developed as a tool to further improve our own personal trading and ability. 

We saw a big lack of available trading tools that included multi-order trading. We think multi-order trading is one of the best ways to trade because it gives the trader more chances to profit while being wrong on direction.

We have specialized in trading the forex market for 16 years. Most traders don’t realize, this market is largely random making it VERY difficult to profit over the long-term. This is why multi-order trading at different prices is a huge asset! 

The Comeback Kid Manger EA targets the trader looking to profit more while getting their life back by spending less time staring at the charts.

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How Does The Comeback Kid EA work?

  • Can trade the fantastic 2 indicator system shown on complete auto-pilot
  • Has the ability to use an averaging-in flex-grid system focused around key S/R resistance points to recover bad/losing trades. It doesn’t blindly take grid positions. It takes them when price is most likely to move in your favor!  In our opinion, this is the best way to work a grid system.
  • Includes a fantastic trend trading system that gives you great entry’s after the trend has a pullback
  • Scan your charts 5-10 minutes a day for possible entries. After you take your trade/trades, the EA will handle the rest. It has the ability to close each trade or group of trades in profit/loss based on preference. 
  • The ability to use single order, multi-order, flex-grid trading money management

The Comeback Kid EA

  • Gives the trader as little or as much control as they want or need in their trading
  • Requires the MT5 trading software to run
  • Includes the incredible trading system shown in the above images
  • A minimum of $3k with 100:1 is recommended
  • Helps recover bad/losing trades using smart multi-order risk management
  • Can turn just about any trader, good or bad into a profitable one using tried and tested money management techniques.
  • Flexible settings to accommodate any trader
  • Our default conservative risk settings can bring in an estimated profit of 5-10% a month using 5-10 trading pairs