Ranger EA

Ranger EA Manager V6.5

The Ranger EA is our most popular choice for a reason! It’s reliable trading methodology has shown long-term success on the GBPCAD and AUDCAD for many traders. It specializes in advanced grid trading techniques capable of churning out consistent monthly profit.

The Ranger trades both with and against the trend. Trading both, means it can find more trading opportunities. 
It uses a combination of candlestick patterns and filters to spot the best places to enter the market. 

30 days money back guarantee 

Up Close With the Ranger EA


5 month of straight profit so far

Consistent Reliable Results

Projected monthly profit of 2-3% a month (default settings)

Professionally Optimized

Trades 2 trading pairs!

Thoroughly Tested

Consistent forward and backtest results

Reliable 99.90% Modeling Backtests!

The Ranger EA was tested with reliable 99.90% modeling quality backtest data to insure trust worthy results. The longer the strategy can backtest, the better its chances at adapting to the future market

All backtests were done with a variable spread and accurate Dukascopy data for more realistic results.

Run-down of the Ranger EA

This video goes over how the Ranger EA works. You’ll get an introduction into how to use it and when and where it looks to profit in the forex market

Profitable Months In a Row
0 %
Average Monthly Profit (default settings)
0 %
12 Month Estimated Profit

How Does the Ranger Profit?

It uses a 2 indicator combination to find the best trades with and against the trend.

30 days money back guarantee 
AUDCAD H1 (default settings)
GBPCAD M30 (default settings)

Ranger EA

  • Includes a NEW trade panel. You can now take your own Ranger trades!
  • The Ranger V6.5 now has 71 NEW changeable inputs/settings!
  • Trades the GBPCAD & AUDCAD like a pro
  • Backtesting data shows no losing months in 14 years on 2 trading pairs.
  • Projected monthly profit of 2-3% a month (default settings)
  • Trades every week
  • Trades 2 pairs
  • Recommended starting balance of just $2k
  • 500:1 leverage recommended for most profit
  • Trades better than most humans!
  • FIFO compliant
30 days money back guarantee