• Includes one of the best 5 indicator trading systems available to show you where the market is likely headed
  • Gives you EVERYTHING you need to be a profitable trader auto + manual trader.
  • Can be used as a fully functioning EA, a trade manager, or both! Endless control to give you the trading edge you need
  • 21 year successful backtesting history on 7 trading pairs! EURUSD, GBPSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, XAUUSD
  • Helps recover bad/losing trades using smart multi-order risk management
  • Our default conservative risk settings can bring in an estimated profit of 3-5% a month using our recommended 7 trading pairs
  • Includes a NEW trade panel. You can now take your own Ranger trades!
  • The Ranger V6.0 now has 71 NEW changeable inputs/settings!
  • Trades the GBPCAD & AUDCAD like a pro
  • Backtesting data shows no losing months in 14 years on 2 trading pairs.
  • Projected monthly profit of 3-5% a month (default settings)
  • Trades every week
  • Trades 2 pairs
  • Recommended starting balance of just $2k
  • 500:1 leverage recommended for most profit
  • Trades better than most humans!
  • FIFO compliant
  • Vigorous now includes a NEW trade panel. You can now take your own Ranger trades!
  • Vigorous V2.0 introduces 71 NEW changeable inputs/settings!
  • Trades the EURUSD every day
  • Profitable backtests for the past 21 years
  • Projected monthly profit of 1-3% a month (default settings)
  • Recommended starting account size is $5k
  • Recommended leverage is 250:1
  • 50-100 scalp trades a week

Purchase Ranger + Vigorous + The Comeback Kid EA Together & SAVE 10%

Why Choose Us

15 Years trading experience goes a long way

Sendowl Integration

Purchase our EA's securely through You have multiple payment options and you can trade our EA's on up to 5 live accounts.

Discord Channel

Our Free Discord group is a place where we trade, help and guide you to success! Here you can get help from us and our community to insure you're profiting in the best way possible.

15 Years or Experience

We've profited EVERY month for over 15 months now! Our focus has been and will continue to be long-term forex strategies that bring consistent conservative results. We have over 15 years of trading experience in the forex markets with an 8 year focus on algorithmic trading.

About Our EA's

Make 3-10% Profit Monthly

Each of our Forex EA’s are capable of solid secure monthly profit (using the default settings) of 3-10% a month with very low drawdowns

Bad Trades Turned Profitable?

Out forex EA’s can turn potential bad trades into good ones protecting you from having to take big losses.

Get Trades Every Week

Our EA’s take trades every week! You can expect profitable trades (almost) on a daily bases!

Three Indicator Combo For Excellent Trade Entry's

Our EA’s cleverly use the RMI indicator to find over-extended trades with and against the trend. The RMI indicator is used in combination with the D1 trend while incorporating the use of candle-stick patterns.

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