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The Powerhouse EA

  • 7 different strategies trading on 13 combined pairs
  • Strategies: Crackerjack, Vigorous, CBK, Serenity Ranger, SS & Slugger
  • Averages 15 trades daily
  • 3 years LIVE trading performance
  • A One of a kind passive/hybrid model can bring additional profit
  • Available for MT5 & MT4
  • 20 year successful backtesting on all 13 trading pairs
  • Flexible EA settings to accommodate low, med or high risk
  • Estimated 6-10% monthly profit using (high risk) settings
  • Estimated 3-5% monthly profit using (med risk) settings
  • Estimated 1.5-2.5% monthly profit using (low risk) settings
  • The Powerhouse EA uses protective stop-losses
  • Easy installation
  • PDF manual that includes helpful installation and settings videos
  • Free EA updates and support
  • At least $3k, 200:1 leverage is recommended (high risk preset)
  • At least $6k, 100:1 leverage is recommended  (med risk preset)
  • At least $12k, 50:1 leverage  is recommended (low risk preset)


30 days money back guarantee 
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Powerhouse 2020-2023 Tracked Accounts


NEW Powerhouse 2024 Tracked Accounts

Profit 2-10% Monthly Passivly

2-10% monthly profit is possible with each of our 6 strategies.
The Powerhouse EA is the star player because it combines all 6 strategies into one algorithm.

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Advanced Grid Trading Techniques

We incorporate the latest innovation in grid and average-in trading mechanics that have been historically tested for long-term profitable trading

See our video on how we use grid trading here
Martingale Grid Trading: Is it Dangerous

Auto Trades Taken Daily

The Powerhouse, Sharpshooter and Crackerjack strategies take trades daily.

The Powerhouse is our most active trader at up to 20 trades a day!

Pushing the Boundaries of Strategy Indicator Technology

Our strategies don’t use old rehashed indicators from the 1980s .We custom build our indicators so they are one step ahead of the forex market

Need personal training or consulting?

Want to learn how to profit a consistent 2-5% monthly? 

I’ve been trading for 20 years now and train traders how to trade successfully using S/R

19 Years or Experience

We've been profiting on our public accounts for over 3 years now! Our focus has been and will continue to be long-term forex strategies that bring consistent conservative results. We have over 19 years of trading experience in the forex markets with an 8 year focus on algorithmic trading.

Discord Channel

Our Free Discord group is a place where we trade, help and guide you to success! Here you can get help from us and our community to insure you're profiting in the best way possible

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee! We care about our customers and it shows with our incredibly low 2% refund rate