Vigorous EA

The Vigorous EA is one of our best EA’s! It has been successfully backtested +21 years. 

It scalps the EURUSD pair up to 100 times a week and makes a profit EVERY day!

If you’re looking for an EA that makes a consistent profit every day, this is it!

30 days money back guarantee 

Up close with the Vigorous EA

Can Make Profit Daily

Vigorous trades on average 11 times a day!

Long 21 Year Profitable Backtests

Reliable, every tick 99.90% modeling quality backtests have been done to show the power of Vigorous over the long-term

Trades the EURUSD

Trades the most common forex pair like a pro with over 65,000 trades logged since 2005

Scalping Done Right!

The Vigorous EA scalps the EU taking just 3-8 pips profit each profitable basket of trades. Average trade length is just 2 hours!

Reliable 99.90% Modeling Backtests!

The Vigorous EA was tested with reliable 99.90% modeling quality backtest data to insure trust worthy results. The longer the strategy can backtest, the better its chances at adapting to the future market.

All backtests were done with a variable spread and accurate Dukascopy data for more realistic results.

Run-down of Vigorous

This video goes over what the Vigorous EA is and does. You’ll get an introduction into how to use it and when and where it looks to profit in the forex market

Consecutive Profitable Months In a Row
0 %
Average Monthly Profit (default settings)
Average trade Amount Per Day

Vigorous EA Manager V2.0 In Action!

Auto-trade + Manual trading using the panel buttons

How does Vigorous work?

  •  Vigorous trades only with the larger time-frame trend
  • It finds the best places to take quick 3-9 pip scalp trades within the dips of the larger trend
  • Vigorous uses flex-grid money management that’s only active when the trend is active. This makes for a very adaptive strategy that’s able to work with just about every type of market movement on the EURUSD
30 days money back guarantee 




  • Vigorous now includes a NEW trade panel. You can now take your own Vigorous trades!
  • Vigorous introduces 71 NEW changeable inputs/settings!
  • Trades the EURUSD every day
  • Profitable backtests for the past 21 years
  • Projected monthly profit of 1-3% a month (default settings)
  • Recommended starting account size is $5k
  • Recommended leverage is 250:1
  • 50-100 scalp trades a week
30 days money back guarantee