Powerhouse EA

The Powerhouse MT4/MT5 Expert Advisor

The Powerhouse is a NEW EA that combines all 5 RFT EA’s into one. You’ll be able to run the (auto) portion of The Comeback kid, Ranger, Vigorous, Gopher and Slugger EA’s from one place.

The Powerhouse is one of the most advanced (auto-trading) EA’s available to retail traders. It’s capable of achieving trading techniques and mechanics other EA’s could never dream of.

Setup is easy and each strategy within the EA only has a few settings to minimize confusion.

You could say the Powerhouse is the “passive” traders EA. Not only does it run all 5 EA’s in one place, it can also cross-pair take profit. For example, If the CBK has trades open on 3 pairs at the same time and a total account profit of 0.1% is met, the CBK will close out all open positions on those 3 pairs simultaneously. This function allows each strategy to actively speak and work with each other to give more profit and less drawdown when trading.  This is a NEW innovative idea within the auto-trading trading space. Evidence has shown, it’s a safer way to trade.

30 days money back guarantee 

Powerhouse EA Strengths

5 Unique EA Strategies in one EA

The Ranger, CBK, Vigorous, Gopher and Slugger EA's can run seamlessly together on the same trading account

Cross-pair/ Cross-EA Collaboration

Running together, the 5 RFT EA's can close out trades faster minimizing account drawdown. This is something no other RFT EA can do alone!

Easy to Setup & Install

One single file does it all! Simple setup, detailed manual and helpful installation video are included

4-6% Monthly Profit (passively) is Possible

An estimated 4-6% a month in profit is possible using the (default) settings on a $5k starting balance.

Run-down of The Powerhouse EA

This video gives you a preview on how and why the Powerhouse EA was created. We saw a problem that needed a solution. The Powerhouse EA was just that!

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Average Monthly Profit (default settings)
Average Trade Amount Per Day
Powerhouse Monthly Profit Estimate (high risk)
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The Powerhouse EA

  • Includes the (auto trading) portion of all four RFT EA’s.
  • Perfect for the passive trader that wants the best auto-trading tool/algo
  • Available for MT4 & MT5
  • The 5 RFT strategies trade on 13 combined trading pairs at the same time. Choose all strategies or pick which ones you like best
  • 19 year successful backtesting on all 13 trading pairs
  • Smart filters to keep all 5 strategies working seamlessly together to maximize profit and minimize drawdown/loss
  • Flexible EA settings to accommodate low, med or high risk
  • Our default (high risk) settings can bring in an estimated 4-6% monthly profit
  • The Powerhouse EA uses protective stop-losses that can be customized by the user
  • Easy installation
  • PDF manual that includes helpful installation and settings videos
  • Free EA updates and support
  • At least $5k, 200:1 leverage is recommended (using high risk preset)
  • At least $10k, 100:1 leverage is recommended (using med risk preset)
  • At least $20k, 50:1 leverage  is recommended (using low risk preset)
30 days money back guarantee