Profitable forex trading algorithms (EA’s) are the big craze right now but why are they so hard to find?

Forex Algorithms (EA’s) have been around for over 15 years. Most operate using a piece of trading software called Metatrader 4 which is an electronic open source platform used by many retail forex brokers. It’s one of the best places to use completely automated trading algorithms.

Finding a good profitable forex trading algorithm (EA) isn’t easy considering the internet is full of scams related to these products. Most sellers bombard unsuspecting buyers with false claims resulting in more profit being made from sales rather than using the trading products themselves. The dishonesty in this industry is incredibly disturbing resulting in billions being lost.

The trading industry isn’t all full of bad products that result in losses. The Ranger and Pinpoint EA’s for example are two algorithms that have been trading profitable for a very long time. The Ranger looks for places in price where pullbacks are likely to take place. It can find these pullbacks with the trend or against it, making it incredibly versatile in any market.The Ranger has been trading live for over 15 months with 0 losing months! The strategy shows profitable trading history every month for the past 10 years.

The Pinpoint EA has been trading live for 2 months and currently has a 100% win rate with 47 trades taken. It shows over 17 years of profitable trading history and looks to find pullbacks within the larger trend. Because the Pinpoint places trades after a pullback within a trend, it is able to find smooth quick profits resulting in a 94% trade win rate over 17 years of data. 

Our EA’s were built with the long-term forex trader in mind. We set out to build EA’s that could trade profitably just about every month! It takes care, diligence and hard work to build an algorithm that’s capable of so much considering we’ve built over 180 of them over the past 8 years. Building an algorithm that’s profitable for over 17 years is a VERY rare achievement. The Ranger and Pinpoint EA’s are the best two EA’s we’ve ever created! We hope they will change the industry forever.

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